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Board of Directors


PRESIDENT:  David Snavely

VICE PRESIDENT:  B. Benjamin Evans

SECRETARY:  Eric Wandel

TREASURER:   Ronald Chase

Richard P. Biby

Garrison C. Cavell

Anne G. Crump, Esq.

Sudhir (Sid) K. Khanna

Mark D. Neumann

Committee Chairpersons

Admissions Committee: Matthew A. Sanderford, Jr.

Engineering Rules & Standards Committee: Jack Mullaney

FCC Liaison Committee: Donald G. Everist

Historian: Jerome J. Manarchuck

Luncheon Coordinator: John W. Reiser

Nominations Committee: B. Benjamin Evans

Permanent Arrangements Committee: B. Benjamin Evans

Professional Ethics and Grievances Committee: B. Benjamin Evans

Program Coordinator: Ronald Chase

RF Exposure Guidelines Compliance Committee: James B. Hatfield

Scholarship Committee: Richard P. Biby

Webmaster: Michael D. Rhodes


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