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President’s Letter
September 1, 2013

Welcome to the AFCCE Website!

If you are already an AFCCE member or associate member, I hope that your visit here provides the information you seek.

If you are a new visitor to the website, I hope that you find it of service to you. If you have a professional interest in broadcast technology, I invite you to join our Association.

The AFCCE has a grand and glorious history of technological leadership. Contained within the professional files of our members are countless designs and innovations created for the best-known callsigns in broadcasting. The public record contains thoughtful filings made by AFCCE throughout the years, advising the FCC and the broadcast industry after careful consideration of the public interest. Not a few students have had their dreams of a career in broadcast engineering made possible in part by the AFCCE Scholarship Fund. And, following graduation, the patient counsel offered through collegial social contact with Association members has inspired younger engineers to do some of their very best work.

I can personally attest to the professional value AFCCE has added to my own life. Friendship and my admiration of AFCCE members encouraged me to become registered as a professional engineer; it taught me much about the fundamentals of AM radio broadcasting; and it eventually led to station ownership. Along the way I gained lifetime colleagues whose companionship I look forward to at AFCCE events throughout each year. To serve as AFCCE President is an honor that I never dreamed I would have.

AFCCE’s cycle of activities includes a regular series of luncheons in Rosslyn, VA in the months of September, October and November, and January, February, March and May. These luncheons are presented in conjunction with a topical technical speaker, carefully chosen for currency and broad appeal to the membership. Notice of these meetings is given in trade publications and on this website, and guest attendance is welcomed.

Additionally, given the history of cooperation between the AFCCE and the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society, the two organizations hold a joint luncheon at the BTS Fall Symposium. This year, given the BTS decision to take its show “on the road” and away from the DC area, AFCCE is holding its own “mini-symposium” Oct. 25 in Rosslyn, the first of what we expect will become a regular fall event.

Speaking of fall events, AFCCE members, their spouses and guests look forward to the annual Fall Social, an evening dinner benefitting the AFCCE Scholarship Fund. This year, the Social will follow the mini-symposium Oct. 25 in Rosslyn.

November brings the annual FCC Reception, an event hosted by AFCCE for FCC staff members at Phillip’s Flagship Restaurant on the waterfront in Washington. It’s a pre-holiday chance to meet with Commission staff members in a relaxed setting to share fellowship and discuss mutual interests. During this reception the E. Noel Luddy Award is presented.

The full calendar of spring luncheons culminates with the June AFCCE Annual Meeting, typically held over a long weekend at a venue chosen for special interest to members and their families. Throughout the years the Annual Meeting has been has been held in such diverse and interesting places as venues in Europe, Puerto Rico and French Lick, IN, and plans are underway for an excursion to Nova Scotia for 2014.

Continuing throughout the year, the AFCCE’s Rules and Standards Committee, along with the FCC Liaison, keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry, alerting members to current rulemaking and technical innovations and considering comments when necessary. The AFCCE Scholarship Committee likewise solicits applicants for both the AFCCE and Noel Luddy Scholarships, with awards made for the fall and spring semesters to students demonstrating a desire to pursue a career in broadcast engineering.

AFCCE’s Board of Directors is elected by the membership, and its officers are chosen from the Directors. Meetings are held prior to the luncheons in Rosslyn, and members are always welcomed. The 2013-14 officer/director slate is:

President – David Snavely
Vice President – Ben Evans
Secretary – Eric Wandel
Treasurer – Ron Chase


Rich Biby
Anne Goodwin Crump
Mark Neumann
Sid Khanna
Gary Cavell

AFCCE’s standing committees and their chairs are:

Admissions: Matt Sanderford
Permanent Arrangements: Ben Evans
Rules & Standards: John J. Mullaney
Nominations: Ben Evans
Professional Ethics and Grievances: Ben Evans

Additionally, we have a Sustainability Committee chaired by Bob Weller. Don Everist serves as our FCC Liaison; Jerry Manarchuck is our Historian. Ron Chase serves as Program Coordinator, Mike Rhodes is the Webmaster, and Rich Biby is chairman of the Scholarship Committee.

AFCCE members are a hardy group. We welcome and adapt readily to technological innovation; indeed, history records us often driving such innovation. Our organization has as constitutional purposes the awareness, exploration and responsibility to comment publically on those technical matters the FCC considers or should consider. To succeed at these mandates requires the commitment and involvement of all our members and associates. Please attend your AFCCE meetings; email your officers and committee chairpersons with your comments and suggestions on pending technical subjects. Volunteer to produce draft filings. Seek out potential members in your professional dealings. Sponsor a university student for an AFCCE scholarship.

On behalf of your entire Board of Directors, I wish you a prosperous and happy professional and personal AFCCE year!

Very truly yours,

David Snavely, President
AFCCE 2013–2014

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Updated September 2013